How to save Cop and Trashman Outfit after Patch 1.34 (PS4 only)

First things first, I want to shout out Militated on YouTube for uploading this video, and as he says in the description, full credit to Hamza Santos.

Requirements: a Social Club account, a garage with an elevator, and a friend.

  1. Go on your computer and save this playlist to your Social Club
  2. Go ahead and create a playlist only containing that one bookmarked mission, then save it.
  3. Start the playlist. Once you are in the mission pull up your phone and leave the mission.
  4. Start up the mission Crooked Cop after you spawn back in your garage, and make sure you invite your friend it and make sure its only you and him in it.
  5. Put on the cop outfit or trashman outfit and start the mission and complete it.
  6. Both you and your friend like the mission. Now, once you and your friend are in the mission selection screen, tell your friend to hit replay, but him only NOT YOU.
  7. There will be a 30 secondish countdown, tell your friend to keep count of it. Now you must go to your profile and go to your recent activities. Click on the playlist that says that you just played (which should be the one you made) and hover over “Join Playlist”.
  8. Now, you and your friend must wait till the countdown hits 0. Once your friend tells yo uthat it hit 0, wait two seconds and hit “Join Playlist”.
  9. It should put you back in your garage and you should get a pop up message that says “Are you sure you want to quit the session?” Simply do not accept this message.
  10. Finally, walk into your elevator, go up to your closet and save the outfit. You now should have the cop/trashman outfit saved.

(Glitch) PS4 ONLY How to save Cop/ Trashman Outfit 1.34 from gtaglitches


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