GTA 5 Online Unlimited Money Car Duplication Glitch after Patch 1.34

This unlimited money car duplication glitch after patch 1.34 is a little bit hard to get but it is worth the work!

  1. Join a public session
  2. Find a street vehicle from the list below
  3. Fully upgrad the vehicle with no tracker/insurance
  4. Open interactions menu, go to “Hide Options” and set it to Custom. Enable Passive Mode/Set Spawn Location to Last Location
  5. Stay in the Vehicle (Friend must get in passenger seat now)
  6. Park this vehicle outside the job known as “High Overheads” (Located next to Los Santos Customs
  7. Request a job from Gerald/Ron
  8. Accept mission and hace friend get out of the car as you do, tell him to spam right on the D-Pad as he gets out
  9. Once in the mission back out right away
  10. You’ll spawn back into the mission, get back into the vehicle in the blue circle
  11. Once in the car, get out and as you do so, spam right on the D-Pada and tell your friend to also leave the mission at the same time
  12. You’ll load into the mission and your friend will be in the session, hace your friend get into the vehicle and drive it away
  13. Once loaded into the mission, invite your friend
  14. Leave the mission after inviting friend and then tell him to join a few moments later
  15. Now you will spawn back into the session, stand still until a vehicle appears
  16. Your frined must get into this vehicle and take it
  17. Sell your version or store it. DONE


Best selling fully upgraded cars:

Beejay XL 169k
Blista Compact 172k
Buffalo 147k
Cavalcade 170k
Dominator 191k
Dubsta 182k
Felon GT 199k
Fusilade 190k
Landstalker 173k
Ocelot F620 187k
Sentinel XS 197k – 225k
Shafter 199k
Shwartzer 200k
Zion 193k


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