GTA 5 Online Teleport Glitch 1.35

Long time no see mates,
today I’m presenting you a new teleport glitch whats working with the newest GTA 5 Online Patch 1.35! You are able to teleport to any job circle on the map without changing session.

Before you start, you need to have at least one friend in an online session you can join, this friend must have different targeting mode than you.

How does the teleport glitch work?

1. Open the map and choose a job located where you want to get teleported
2. Start the job
3. Once in the job settings screen, open the Social Club menu (PC) or the Console menu, select your friend and then click on join game
4. Accept the first alert message asking if you are sure to change session
5. Cancel the second alert message asking if you want to change targeting mode

After this step, you should spawn back at the job circle you chose on the map

It’s btw a good way to rob every store on the map in a quick way. Easy and fast money 😉

Thanks to WAST3D for this great glitch!

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