GTA 5 Online Launch Glitch after Patch 1.34

Today I will gonna show you a awesome launch glitch after patch 1.34. It is a really cool catapult glitch where you get launched high up in the sky. The video is in german so I translate as best I can.

Drive to the pier with the helicopter port. Use not a regular street vehicle because it will disappear after the next steps. Use a own car from your garage.

As you can see in the video you have to place your car at the ramp in the place of the fence. When you are done, drive away from the location to let the fence respawn. When you come back your placed before car is glitched into the fence.

The person who wants to be high launched stands in front of the car. And the other one stands near the car on the wall.

Now both of you start walking and you should arrive the car almost at the same time but make shure that the notwanttogetlaunched person arrives the car a millisecond before the launcher. Then the car starts glitching heavily and will catapult you high into the air!

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