Fastest Rank Up Method 1.35

I show you a fast way to rank up fast and earn a lot of money in a short time. To get this fast rp glitch and fast money glitch working you need the following:

You need a Yacht, Hydra and a Netlimiter/other way to split lobby.

How does this fastest rank up method 1.35 work?

1. Move your yacht to North Chumash, get your yacht moved to the secondary Chumash location by joining lobby where North Chumash yacht spot is reserved.
2. Get Hydra and land on the yacht, start Piracy Prevention VIP job and split the lobby with netlimiter.
3. Take hydra and circle the flight route for 10 minutes, each round gives 400 RP.
4. Once the 10 minutes has passed, set spawn location to last location and fly to the police station at north and find new lobby. You need to do this under 5min or the job cooldown wont reset, you gotta restart game if you failed.


It is important that you get your yacht pushed to one of the secondary North Chumash spots, default spot works also but it is a lot slower. Fly low so you wont get shot down. Make sure you wont cut the circle too short, it is important that you fly over the blue area so your wanted level starts to blink. You wont get RP if it aint blinking.

Many thanks to The Witch

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